GTA 6: 8 Unexpected Risks Rockstar Must Take

GTA cannot become stale.
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With the whole world talking about Marvel and Infinity War, it’s easy to forget there’s another massive project in the works; one with arguably more stakes and money riding on it. GTA 6 is, for want of a better word, Rockstar’s riskiest and most anticipated work yet.

We’ve had the medium-shaking, generation-defining delights of the PS2 trilogy, the tonal-shifting GTA IV and the almost apologetically ridiculous, wounds-healing GTA V, but GTA Online? Now that became something else entirely. Rockstar as a company were so utterly blown away by the success of the multi-million dollar-making online component to GTA V, they’ve… all but stopped making games. Where once we had everything from Bully to The Warriors, Manhunt to, erm, Table Tennis, the 2010s have only saw Red Dead Redemption and a LOT of GTA Online DLC packs.

Going into GTA VI, clearly both Rockstar and Take Two are crunching the financials on multiplayer vs. single player, dynamic player interactions vs. sandboxes filled with A.I. Whatever GTA VI ends up being, it can’t just be a glorified expansion to GTA Online, set in a new environment.



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